What is Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis?

Most of us drift in and out of varying levels of hypnosis several times during any given day as we carry out activities which require intense focus and concentration, or dissociation, such as becoming emotionally involved while watching a movie, or thinking of something else while driving down the freeway. We find ourselves laughing with the characters in the movie we’re watching, or crying with them, or feeling angry about what they are experiencing. While driving we may find that we’ve taken the wrong exit or arrived at some destination other than our original goal, and it’s all happening without a conscious thought about our actions.

Sometimes hypnosis is described as a sleep-like state, where people are not conscious or are “zoned out,” but more accurately, they are in a state of “hyper-awareness,” and are very much “in the zone!” Athletes and video gamers are examples of being “in the zone.” They can become so focused, that they do not hear their names being called or notice anything other than the objects of their concentration. The subconscious mind is much more receptive to suggestions in this heightened state of awareness, and therefore, more likely to accept suggestions for positive changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Far from it! You are actually always in control. Hypnosis cannot make you do something that is against your own morals or ethics. If you were given suggestions that you didn’t morally agree with, you would make yourself come out of trance and you would completely ignore the suggestions.
A. The answer is different for every person because we are all unique, but almost everyone agrees that it is a wonderful feeling. What’s not to love about feeling more relaxed than you have ever felt before?
A. No! See previous answer to question. In reality, all hypnosis is “self-hypnosis.” People have to want and agree with the change that is being suggested to them. If they do not agree with it, they will resist and bring themselves out of trance!
A. While some myths have been circulated that some people go into trance and don’t wake up, it is simply NOT TRUE! You are always in control, and can always bring yourself back to a fully awake state at anytime that you want or feel the need to. (see first Q & A)
A. Serious psychiatric or mental health problems are referred to qualified psychotherapists or psychiatrists. Medical issues with the physical body are referred to qualified physicians, and medical specialists who can and may, at their discretion prescribe hypnotherapy as an adjunct therapy to assist with things like, pain control, hypnoanesthesia, or relaxation for stress management. However, there are plenty of areas where hypnotherapy may prove to be of great benefit. (visit the Hypnosis Motivational Institute website page for a list of 145 ways Hypnotherapy may help. https://hypnosis.edu/help/)
A. You will be awake the whole time (see definition of Hypnosis) however, you will be so deeply relaxed that you may go through different levels of awareness that may look and feel as if you were asleep. But remember, your subconscious mind is awake, active, and listening the whole time.
This depends on the depth of your hypnosis, but most people do remember everything, or at least a major portion of their experience.
A. The Emotion Code is only one of the energetic imbalances contained in The Body Code program. It deals with decoding only emotional imbalances while The Body Code covers multiple areas of energetic imbalances, which allows for increased energy healing opportunities.
A. Absolutely! There have been some amazing benefits reported by practitioners and pet owners after an Emotion or Body Code practitioner has worked with their animal. It is a certification requirement that all practitioners have experience working with animals.
A. Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of The Body Code, explains that “trapped emotions are the most common underlying imbalances that show up as symptoms. These are discovered and addressed with The Emotion Code. However, “it is possible that there are also deeper imbalances that could be resolved with The Body Code” because it addresses those other imbalances such as “toxicity, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, structural imbalances, or circuitry imbalances (such as chakras or acupuncture meridians), and so on.” Muscle testing allows us to discover which treatment the body wants.
A. Muscle testing is a way to tap into that part of you (the subconscious mind) that already knows everything about you and is aware of what you need to heal and be your best self. The basis of it is that the body has a strong, positive response to anything that is of benefit or good for you, and responds weakly to anything that is of no benefit or negative.
A. No, you do not. Because we are all made of particles of pure energy, we are also connected. I can be thousands of miles away from you, but with your permission to proxy for you, I can identify and release the trapped imbalance from you. Here again, it is because of the theory (quantum physics) that we are all space and energy, and that we are all connected.